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Manipulation with the KIIS data in the Russian press!

The Russian resource URA.RU published an article that is a vivid example of data manipulation. The name of the article is “The majority of Ukraine`s population is ready to move to Russia”. The commentary of V.Paniotto:

“I was sent a link to the article at with the question whether it was true or false. Here is my answer: “The majority of Ukraine`s population is ready to move to Russia” does not relevant to the data we have. The published quote is the answer to the question about the attitude to the fact that some residents of Ukraine work in Russian Federation (“What is your attitude to the fact that residents of Ukraine work in Russian Federation?”). It does not equivalent to the desire to move to Russia. For example, if you tolerate the sex change, it does not mean that you want to change your sex. Suppose we ask citizens of Russia how do they feel about the people who want to fly to Mars, and most of them will say "Well, let them fly, I do not mind". Then we will have as many reasons as the authors of the article you quoted, to say that "Most Russian citizens are ready to fly from Russia to Mars”.

In addition, in the poll and in the article of "DT" there was also a direct question about the personal intentions of the respondent in case of need for earnings, which, however, has not drawn the attention of the authors of the publication ("If you had a choice where to go for earnings with the same salary, where would you go first?”). As an answer to this question 4.9% of respondents mentioned Russia, and only 1.5% of them are ready to go there for real (however, it should be borne in mind that if the family consists of one person and he/she is already working in Russia, he/she does not get to the sample). In any case, there is a big difference between the majority and a few percent".


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