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Суспільно-політичні настрої жителів України: Квітень 2018 року
  • 45,9% українців вважають, що Україна має йти інтеграційним напрямком вступу до Європейського Союзу. Вважають, що має йти напрямком вступу до Митного союзу – 8,9%. Ще 31,6% українців вважають, що Україні не слід ані орієнтуватися на вступ до ЄС, ані до Митного союзу.
  • Вступ до НАТО підтримують 41,4% населення, не підтримують – 37,8%.
  • 75,3% українців вважають, що керівництво України веде країну в неправильному напрямку. Вважають, що веде в правильному напрямку – 10,4%.
Attitude of the citizens of Ukraine and Russia to Stalin
Among the Ukrainians, the negative attitude toward Stalin is prevalent in general - 42% regard him with the hostility, fear or hatred, 30% are indifferent and 14% have a positive attitude (with respect, sympathy or admiration).
The Ukrainians are much worse about Stalin than the Russians (citizens of Russia). While % of the Ukrainians have a positive attitude to Stalin, in Russia these amount is almost three times bigger - 40%. Also, 28% of the Ukrainians and 58% of the Russians consider Stalin to be the wise leader who led the USSR to prosperity; the need for a leader of such type as Stalin feel 23 % of the Ukrainians and 33% of the Russians; also, 77% of the Ukrainians and only 44% of the Russians consider him to be a cruel, inhuman tyrant.


Attitude of the Ukrainians to public holidays, February 2018

The most popular public holidays in Ukraine are:

  • Easter – 82%
  • Christmas– 81%
  • New Year– 79%
  • International Women`s Day– 45%
  • Trinity– 35%
  • Victory Day– 31%
  • Independence Day of Ukraine– 16%
Attitude of the population of Ukraine toward Russia and of the population of Russia toward Ukraine, February 2018

The number of the Ukrainians who hold positive attitude to Russia has not changed much since December 2017 and in February 2018 was 45% (in December it was 42%). The number of positively disposed to Ukraine people increased in Russia, and in February 2018 it was 33% (it was 28% in December). However, the attitude of the Ukrainian population to Russia have been remaining better than the attitude of Russia's population towards Ukraine since 2008 when we started the monitoring process.

Compared to December 2017, the support for the independence of Ukraine increased by 3 percentage points and constitutes 88% (was 85%). The general tendency remained unchanged: almost 90% of the population believe that Ukraine should be an independent state. In Russia, compared to May 2017, the number of those who want closed borders and customs with Ukraine has not changed much (decreased from 35% to 34%). In Russia, compared to December 2017, the number of those who want closed borders and customs with Ukraine increased from 33% to 39%.

Rating of support for parties and political leaders: February 2018
According to the poll results, if the parliamentary elections had been held in the end of February, most likely the representatives of eight political forces would have entered the Verkhovna Rada. The all-Ukrainian Union “Batkivshchyna” would have received the biggest support (22.5% among those who will vote and decided with the choice). After it come Radical party of Oleh Liashko (13.7%), “Opozytsiynyi block” (12.4%), party “Za jyttia” (10.3%), “Block Petra Poroshenka” (6.6%), “Samopomich” (6%), “Svoboda” (5.8%).