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Trust of the telethon "Yedyni Novyny"

The press release was prepared by Anton Hrushetskyi, executive director of KIIS


From December 4 to 10, 2023, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) conducted an all-Ukrainian public opinion survey "Omnibus", to which questions were added about the trust of the "Yedyni Novyny" telethon. Bythemethodofcomputer-assistedtelephoneinterviews (CATI) based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers (with random generation of phone numbers and subsequent statistical weighting), 1,200 respondents living in all regions of Ukraine (except the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) were interviewed. The survey was conducted with adult (aged 18 and older) citizens of Ukraine who, at the time of the survey, lived on the territory of Ukraine (within the boundaries controlled by the authorities of Ukraine until February 24, 2022). The sample did not include residents of territories that were not temporarily controlled by the authorities of Ukraine until February 24, 2022 (AR of Crimea, Sevastopol, certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts), and the survey was not conducted with citizens abroad.

Formally, under normal circumstances, the statistical error of such a sample (with a probability of 0.95 and taking into account the design effect of 1.1) did not exceed 3.2% for indicators close to 50%, 2.7% for indicators close to 25%, 2.1% - for indicators close to 10%, 1.4% - for indicators close to 5%.

Under conditions of war, in addition to the specified formal error, a certain systematic deviation is added. KIIS previously cited factors that can affect the quality of results in "wartime" conditions.

In general, we believe that the obtained results are still highly representative for the population of Ukraine living in the territory under the control of the Government, and allow a fairly reliable analysis of the public moods of the population.



How much do Ukrainians trust the "Yedyni Novyny" telethon


Trust in the "Yedyni Novyny" telethon continues to decrease. If between May 2022 and October 2023 the share of those who trust decreased from 69% to 48%, then by December 2023 the indicator decreased to 43%.

Along with this, the share of those who do not trust the telethon has increased to 38% (the remaining 19% have an uncertain attitude). However, as of now, the balance of trust-distrust remains positive (that is, more people who trust it than do not trust it).


Graph 1. To what extent do you trust or not trust the following institutions and organizations?

Telethon "Yedyni Novyny"



It is important to note that although those who do not trust V. Zelenskyi are much more critical of the telethon, 52% of those who trust V. Zelenskyi also trust the telethon (do not trust - 29%, undecided - 19%).


Graph2. Trust of the telethon "YedyniNovyny" depending on trust / distrust of V. Zelenskyi



In all regions, approximately the same number of the population (42-44%) trust the telethon "Yedyni Novyny".


Graph3. Trust of the telethon "Yedyni Novyny" in the regional dimension



A. Hrushetskyi, comments on the survey results:


Recently, the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech, Ya. Yurchyshyn, stated: "My position regarding the marathon: its effectiveness is in question. If its efficiency is in question (and this is an investment of public funds), then it is necessary to work with this efficiency in one direction or another" (it is interesting that many mass media emphasized much less on the continuation of his reasoning, where it was noted that the logic of the telethon's existence makes sense).

Part of the public is quite active in criticizing the telethon and will probably be happy to see a decrease in trust in it. It is important to understand that after the invasion the landscape of information consumption has changed radically and television is now watched by a minority of the population (in particular, telethon viewing is not as significant as many may think). In addition, trust in the Ukrainian mass media in general has now significantly decreased (between December 2022 and December 2023 - from 57% to 29%), that is, there is a general problem with the trust of the mass media (and not only the telethon).

In any case, although indicators of trust in the telethon has decreased, many people still trust it. As we noted in October, with the current indicators of trust, there is an optimal opportunity for a less problematic transformation of the telethon into another format that will better meet the informational needs of the current situation.


Annex 1. Formulation of questions from the questionnaire


To what extent do you trust or not trust the following institutions and organizations?

  Completely do NOT trust Rather do NOT trust Rather trust Completely trust DIFFICULT TO SAY (DO NOT READ) REFUSAL TO ANSWER (DO NOT READ)
Television marathon "Yedyni Novyny" 1 2 3 4 5 6


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