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Attitudes of the population of Ukraine to the MIA operation

KyivInternationalInstituteofSociology (KIIS) carriedoutsurvey representativefortheadultpopulation(18 years and older) ofUkraine, as well as adultpopulationof the four macro-regions[1]onDecember4-13, 2009. With the application of the personal (face-to-face) interview methodwere interviewed2017 respondents residing in villages,citiesandtownsinallregionsofUkraine, ARCrimea and c.Kyiv.

Multilevel stratified sample was used in this study.  The sample was stratified by regions (24 regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) and settlement type (urban-rural). The selection of settlements was based on the ground of probability proportional to the size (PPS). Random selection of respondents was performed at the final stage while controlling for the number of groups according to the quota assignment.  This sample is equivalent to the random sample of the same size; therefore the theoretical sample error taking into account design effect does not exceed 3.5%.

Road safety


  • Half of Ukrainians regard situation with road safety as satisfactory: 36% consider it poor, 49% - satisfactory and 12% - good.
  • Considerable share of Ukrainians (68%) knows about utilizing by the road police the device "Vizyr” for recording the vehicle's speed and approve this practice (57%). Moreover, 39% of respondents believe that the use of "Vizyr" reduced the number of accidents on the roads. Thus, public opinion is favourable to utilization of the "Vizyr" device.
  • The initiative to increase the maximum speed limit is not supported by Ukrainians (60% of respondents have negative attitude to it). This will lead to increase in accidents according to the opinion of the two-thirds of Ukrainians.
  • Withdrawal of the right to drive was mentioned among the possible effective penalties for drivers who drive drunk – according to 32% of respondents such a measure would be most effective. Prosecution is the second effective punishment - this option was chosen by 19% of respondents. Approximately the same number of people (18%) chose withdrawal of the driver's license as the most effective measure. 13% of respondents felt that an increase in the amount of fines would be the most efficient.



  • Every fifth Ukrainian (20%) faced with the extortion of bribes by the government officials over the last year.
  • More than half of Ukrainians (54%) believes that in the course of the last year the amount of bribes taken by officials had increased.
  • The dominant idea of Ukrainians (51%) regarding what bodies of government are responsible for the fact that bribe-takers are not punished, is following: courts, police, Attorney General's Office, SBU and politicians are equally responsible for this

[1] Western regionZakarpattia, Volyn, Rivne, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Khmelnytskyi;

Centralregion - Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Poltava, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kyivregionsandc.Kyiv;

SouthernregionARCrimea, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, ZaporizhzhiaandDniptopetrovskregions;

Easternregion - Kharkiv, DonetskandLuhanskregions.


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