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What issues is the population of Ukraine the most concerned about?

KIIS conducted nationwide poll during the period of February 09-19, 2012. 2031 respondents were interviewed; the survey covered all regions of Ukraine (including the city of Kyiv) and Crimea; sample was random and representative for the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older.

Statistical sampling error (with a probability of 0.95 and a design-effect 1.5) does not exceed 3.3% for index close to 50%, 2,8% - index close to 25%, 2,0% - index close to 10%, 1 4% - index close to 5%.

Ukrainians are the most concerned about:


# Rise of food prices - 58%

# Rise of cost of utilities - 54%

# Loss of job - 34%

# Late payment of wages and pensions - 32%

# Loss of health - 30%

# The deepening economic crisis - 27%

# Growth of corruption - 27%

# Rise of crime - 20%

# Fears for the fate of relatives and friends - 19%


Ukrainians are the least concerned about:


# Ukraine's cooperation with NATO (1%)

# Interchurch problems (2%)

# Territory claims neighboring countries of Ukraine (3%)

# Enhancing of cooperation with the European Union (3%).


In terms of regional distribution:

# The problem of rising prices for food and utilities is more actual for the inhabitants of the Eastern (65% and 59%) and Southern (64% and 60%) regions; 55% or residents of the Central region are concerned about increase of food prices and 50% - about increase of utilities proves; the Western part shows same percentage for both groups - 50% of respondents;


# The problem of loss of working place is a problem for 36% in each Central and Eastern regions; 32% are concerned about this issue in the Western region, and 31% of residents of the Southern area have identified this problem;


# Late payment of wages and pensions are the most important for residents of the Eastern region (41%), followed by Central region (36%). In the Southern region 27% of residents are concerned about the problem; and 24% of inhabitants of the Western area;


# Loss of health is almost equally urgent problem for residents of all regions: Western (33%), Central (29%), Southern (32%) and Eastern (29%) areas;


# The deepening economic crisis is an urgent issue for inhabitants of the Western (30%) and Southern (29%) regions; the Central area showed 25% for this issue and the East - 24%;


# The growth of corruption is a problem for people living in the Western region (36%); only 18% of inhabitants of the Eastern region identify this issue as a problem they are concerned about; In the South 29% of respondents consider it to be a problem; and in the Central there are 25% of people unsatisfied with corruption;


# Residents of the Southern region (18%) are the ones who are the least concerned about the raise of crime. In other regions, the situation is almost the same: East and West - 22%, Central - 20% of respondents;


# Fears for the fate of family and friends is the most urgent problem in the South (23%), the least - in the Central region (13%); in the Western region 20% of respondents identified the above as a problem; and 19% of residents of the East believe the same.




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