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Changes in the attitude of the population of Ukraine toward Russia and of the population of Russian toward Ukraine

The attitude of the population of Ukraine toward Russia stays unchangeable (positive attitude – 40%, negative – 47% of the Ukrainians), while the attitude of the population of Russia toward Ukraine became better compared to September 2016. The amount of those Russians who have a positive attitude to Ukraine was 26% in September, and 34% in December. However, this percentage is still smaller than the percentage of the Ukrainians who hold positive attitude to Russia. The amount of those who prefer closed borders and visas between the countries decreased in both states (in Russia – from 39% to 33%, in Ukraine – from 49% to 43%).

Dynamics of the attitudes of the Ukrainians towards public opinion polls, December 2016

December poll showed that half of the population of Ukraine (50%) trust data of the sociological organizations that have been operating for a long time already, 14% - do not trust, others do not have an opinion on this matter. The rate of trust toward sociological surveys has not changed over the past year, the rate of mistrust slightly increased that is why trust-mistrust balance (percentage of those who trust minus percentage of those who mistrust) slightly decreased (from 40% to 36%) comparing to the analogical data of December 2015

For 75% of IDPs forced relocation was the first in the life of the relocation - KIIS study

The Ministry held a presentation of the preliminary results of a new KIIS study to the World Bank's request "Ukraine: Research socio-economic impact of the movement of persons and the return of the ATO."

The study found that 75% vnuishno displaced persons in Ukraine have fled their homes in 2014 for the first time in his life, most of them governed primarily by considerations of security. Thus, half of the immigrants never visited place of previous residence after the move. Another 25% - visiting relatives who remained in areas outside the control of up to 4 times a year.

Only 25% of the Ukrainians know how the Visa Free Regime with the Schengen area countries

Visa-free regime was one of the key topics of mass media discussion in Ukraine over the past two years. At the same time data of research and media monitoring show that there were no systematic explanation of their rights and obligations connected with the implementation of a visa-free regime. Only 5% of press reports on this subject contained analytics, the rest presented just the summary records of the process of obtaining visa-free regime.

According to the latest polls conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, only 25% of respondents were able to correctly answer the question about how long one can stay in the EU territory according to the terms of visa-free regime.

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